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Formulated to provide medical professionals with the necessary tools to pass these collected learnings on to patients in a clinical setting.


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For the past 30 years he has worked in the Division of Continued Education at Harvard Medical School and also ran his own training organization. He's read most of the psychotherapy outcomes research and update the standard of care on nearly every psychiatric diagnosis.

Dr Daniel P Brown has over 40 years experience in Psychology, with a dual expertise in Eastern meditation that’s seen him train alongside top Tibetan Lama's.


Clinical Training on Attachment

Learn how to treat one of psychotherapies biggest challenges. The definitive training to treating attachment disturbances.

Upcoming Courses

Over the coming 24 months we're releasing numerous clinical trainings

Anxiety Disorders


How to treat Attachment Disturbances in Adults


Complex Grief

A complete training on dealing with complex grief in patients.

Over 50 practical courses for Mental Health Clinicians

Coming Soon


  • Introductory Workshop in Hypnotherapy
  • Advanced Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis
  • Hypnosis with Children
  • Rapid Conflict-Resolution Methods with Hypnosis
  • Brief Integrative Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy with Conversion Disorders
  • Treating Complicated Grief Reactions


  • Integrative Treatment of Chemical Dependency
  • Integrative Treatment of Eating Disorders
  • Treating Complex Habits
  • Integrative Treatment of Self-Mutilation Behaviors

Trauma Treatment

  • Phase-Oriented Trauma Treatment
  • Treatment fo major Dissociative Disorders
  • Trauma and Memory
  • Treatment of Trauma-Bonded Relationships

Developmentally-Informed Psychotherapy

  • Developmentally-Informed Treatment of Personality Disorders
  • Treating Self-Pathology
  • Time-Effective Treatment of Depression and narcissistic Disorders

Cross-Cultural Psychotherapy


  • User-Friendly Clinical Assessment Tools
  • The Use of Structured Psychiatric Interviews

Neuroimaging, Assessment, and Psychotherapy

Health Psychology

  • Behavioral Medicine
  • Treatment of Somatoform Disorders
  • Treatment of Immune-Related Disorders
  • Assessment and Treatment of Sleep Disorders
  • Psychotherapy with the Cancer Patient
  • The Well-Being of the Therapist
  • Concentration and Awareness Meditation

Peak Performance

  • Peak Performance in Sports, the Arts, and the Work-site
    Attentional Skills for Therapists
  • The Influence of Positive Psychology on Psychotherapy
  • Visualizations and Meditation for Everyday Living
  • The Pointing Out Way of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Meditation

Evidence-Supported Psychotherapy

Behaviorally-Informed Treatment

  • Treating Anxiety-Spectrum Disorders
  • Treating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders
  • Psychotherapy with Bipolar-Spectrum Patients

Relational Disturbance

  • Core-Conflict Relational Themes in Psychotherapy
  • Experiential Couples Therapy
  • How to Treat Attachment Pathology
  • Advanced Treatment of Attachment Pathology
  • Treating Trauma-Bonding in Relationships

Risk Management

  • Recovered Memories in Trauma Treatment
  • Children report Abuse in Psychotherapy

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Dr Daniel P Brown

  • Daniel Brown, Ph.D. is Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School and has served on the faculty for over 38 years.
  • A senior meditation master, Dr. Brown has trained and taught with top Indo-Tibetan Bon & Buddhist lamas for more than 48 years, including lineage holders from some of the great schools of Buddhism.
  • As an expert legal witness, Dr. Brown has testified in over 200 child abuse cases and served as an expert witness for prosecutors at the International War Crimes Tribunal, helping them establish a standard of evidence for victims of war atrocities.
  • Dr. Brown Co-Founded the Attachment Project based on the foundations of his award-winning book Attachment Disturbances in Adults: Treatment for Comprehensive Repair.
Read Dr Daniel P Brown's complete history

What people say about Dan

Philipp Thyben
German-Colombian Entrepreneur
(...) Dan Brown teachings on attachment, concentration and performance excellence have become my favorite guide to improve my own psychology.
Ronald A Alexander, Ph.D
Author, Clinical Director of the Open Mind Training Institute in Santa Monica, adjunct faculty UCLA
(...) It has been a life time honor and blessing to know, study and practice with Dan Brown truly an exceptional standout!​​
Mariana Bozesan, Ph.D
Serial Entrepreneur, Integral Investor, Philanthropist, Author, and full member of the Club of Rome
Dan P. Brown is the best teacher I have had during the past four decades of meditation practice. (...) The result is sheer happiness, wisdom and inner and outer success.

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