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A comprehensive set of courses for corporate teams to develop better leaders & manage mental wellness.

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The Complete Path to Mental Wellness

We combine the best of western psychology and the eastern contemplative traditions to give you pracitcal solutions for your companies mental wellness.

Our flagship program includes over performance experiential exercieses to help you maximize your mental health.  The learnings are condensed to the essence with

Performance Excellence to help your team flow and operate in a peak performance state at all times, not just in certain areas of the company.

Learn how to focus the right way with a complete concentration training based on The Elephant Path developed and directly passed on from the lineage holders of the Tibetan-Buddhist system...

Personal Growth to help your team Grow and get over the toxic issues that show up in their day to day life

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What people say about Dan

Philipp Thyben
German-Colombian Entrepreneur
(...) Dan Brown teachings on attachment, concentration and performance excellence have become my favorite guide to improve my own psychology.
Ronald A Alexander, Ph.D
Author, Clinical Director of the Open Mind Training Institute in Santa Monica, adjunct faculty UCLA
(...) It has been a life time honor and blessing to know, study and practice with Dan Brown truly an exceptional standout!​​
Mariana Bozesan, Ph.D
Serial Entrepreneur, Integral Investor, Philanthropist, Author, and full member of the Club of Rome
Dan P. Brown is the best teacher I have had during the past four decades of meditation practice. (...) The result is sheer happiness, wisdom and inner and outer success.

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